Find Top Healthy Substitutes to Wheat Flour. Make your day fresh!!

Find Top Healthy Substitutes to Wheat Flour. Make your day fresh!!

Are you looking for healthy alternatives to wheat flour this new year?

Maybe you have dietary restrictions or are allergic to certain flours, try out some variety of substitutes to wheat with unique flavor and properties. Experience the premium Best Quality Food Products in Kerala from the best spice sellers of India. We strive to deliver Natural Food for Health and reach your kitchen very fast.

Flours have marked staple nourishment in many cuisines and play a vital role in every Indian kitchen. It is used for baking different kinds of bread like rotis, parathas and in sweets and snacks as well. 

Try Variety of Healthy Flours

If you probably consume too much wheat flour, then try varied alternatives and explore the best. Oat flour is highly recommended to bake fluffy bread whereas toast hot and soft roti using millet flour. Cook different recipes using all sorts of nutritious flours enriched with vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. 

We have enlisted some of the alternatives to wheat flour. Check out!!

  • Buckwheat flour

They are more nutritious than wheat and belong to the pseudo cereal family. A great option for people having diabetes with most of the essential nutrients. The brown-colored buckwheat flour is mainly used in holy dishes with a nutty flavor. The dried buckwheat seeds with their outer bran are ground to form buckwheat flour.

  • Corn Flour

Often named as Makkai all over India & comprises hull, germ, and endosperm of corn. A yellowish or white texture with a sweet flavor similar to wheat flour for a gluten-free diet. It is an extremely nutritious source for skin, hair, and eye health.

  • Jowar flour

It is a traditional gluten-free cereal loaded with protein, calcium, and dietary fiber. Jowar grains are milled to form Jowar flour and are mixed with other flours while baking poori, parathas, etc.

  • Barley flour

Dried barley is ground to make barley flour. They are essential for healthy cell growth and improve our immune response. A wide range of tasty dishes like barley idli, barley cookies, barley soup, etc is quite sufficient for meals. 

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Summing up

Start experimenting with all the mixes of flours and stay organic. Nowadays they are often available in local groceries also. Contribute new flavored dishes to your taste buds, add a mixture of nutrient sources to the diet and experience the best. 

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