Do you know how to store spices during the Monsoons?

Do you know how to store spices during the Monsoons?

What makes every Indian Kitchen special is the essence of flavored spices in their cooking.

For ages, Indian spices have had a magical delicacy that enhances the tastes of any dish. These organic spice mixes have been upheld through generations in different curries, stir-fries, meals, and so on. Spice Basket is a0 unique concept for Natural Food Products in Kerala beyond your doorsteps. 

A monsoon is a period of humidity at which spices turn into soggy. Henceforth preserving them is of course a matter of concern. Foodstuff gets spoiled easily during the windy climate of moisture. Similarly, spices also fade it’s fragrant flavor if not stored well. 

We strive to deliver Natural Food for Health and reach your kitchen very fast. In this article, we share some tricks to store organic spices properly:

  • Use airtight containers

These containers hinder moisture content from getting inside the jars and avoids spoilage of its natural odor. Either reuse glass or small plastic containers or you may wield separate spice jars for each. Airtight jars keep fungus at bay and ensure a long shelf life period.

  • Avoid penetration of heat

Most commonly, Indian cuisines have their spices kept near gas stoves which are endangered to heat and humidity. Meanwhile, the essential oil and essence of spices may vanish into thin air. It is highly instructed to place spice jars inside a cupboard to get rid of direct sunlight and humidity.

  • Reduce exposure of light

The precious organic ingredients could be hampered when exposed to natural light. The light may get seeped into the jars letting spices lose their natural flavor. Hence it is advisable to conserve them in cool and dry places inside closed cupboards. 

  • Avoid refrigeration of spices

We have noticed that spices get trapped at the bottom of the jars when stored in the fridge. This occurs when moisture content has its way to lose spices. To avoid spoilage, always store them in dry glass containers. You can also grind them in the freezer for a longer period.


Remember these tips and let your spices highly flavored for prolonged periods. Get it well stored with its lid properly closed and avoid a wet spoon inside the jars. Never let the aroma fade especially during the gloomy weather. For everyday problems like constipation, indigestion, etc, include Organic Food Products to lower your risks. Consume in its freshness and flavor. EAT THE BEST

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