Are Toasted Sesame Seeds Healthy? How do you toast them?

Are Toasted Sesame Seeds Healthy? How do you toast them?

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Sesame seeds are an abundant source of healthy fat, protein, Vitamin B, minerals, and other plant compounds. Enhance a crunchy and flavor to any side dish by adding raw sesame seeds. Moreover, it can be roasted, crushed, and often sprinkled in salads, stir-fries, or deep-fried snacks. 

Sesame seeds are categorized into two varieties: Black sesame seeds are consumed in soups and desserts whereas white is used to garnish deep-fried dishes. Toasted seeds nourish a naturally nutty seasoning offering a crunchy bite. 

Are they healthier?

Sesame seeds stimulate your immune system, maintain blood sugar and regulate cholesterol levels. A good source of fiber supporting your digestive health. Hulled sesame seeds are a vital source of protein. 

Try sesame seeds with stir-fries, steamed broccoli, hot or cold cereal, yogurt, smoothies, etc. Optimize your nutrient intake, consume soaked, roasted, or sprouted seeds. We strive to deliver Natural Food for Health and reach your kitchen very fast.

Ways to Toast them

  • In Oven

Initially preheat the oven to 350°F. Now spread sesame seeds either on a baking sheet or over an ovenproof skillet. Toast them and keep stirring until it remakes to a golden brown texture. Proceed with baking for 8-10min and allow it to cool. 

  • On stove

Spread the seeds in a dry skillet. Toast them over medium heat for about 3min. Swirl evenly and never allow the seeds to get over burned. This seems one of the fastest methods to flavor the sesame nutty aroma. 

  • Toasting in Microwave

Arrange half a cup of sesame seeds single-layered in a microwave-safe plate. Toast it on HIGH for 2-3 min till it burns to a golden brown tone. Check for every 30sec to get stirred and continue cooking.

Hope all of you have explored these different methods of roasting. Toast them evenly and experience the amusing fragrance. After baking, it is of utmost importance to carefully store them in a dark, cool, and dry place. The freezer is recommended as the best place of storage that preserves the natural oil from getting spoiled. 

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