Amazing Organic Facts of Mustard Seeds

Amazing Organic Facts of Mustard Seeds

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  • What is Mustard?
  • Types of Mustard seeds
  • Health benefits

Mustard seeds have a traditional folk touch in every kitchen for decades. There are around 40 different varieties of Mustard plants. They often nourish on a Mediterranean plant approximately 2-5 feet in height having yellow flowers. These small round seeds emerged from 3 different plants, say, Black Mustard, Brown Indian Mustard, White Mustard. 

In general, it combats various health benefits and acts as a great natural substitute for skincare as well. Mustard seeds are whisked in salad dressing and sprinkled in warm meals. They are an excellent source of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium and is dietary fiber. While preparing meals at home, people choose Organic Curry Powders over unhealthy alternatives to stay healthy. 


  1. White Mustard- Tastes milder and is often famed as yellow mustard.
  2. Black Mustard- It possesses the most pungent smell with a strong aromatic flavor.
  3. Brown Mustard- These are also flavored pungent. 

Health Benefits

  • Treats Cancer

Glucosinolates and Myrosinase components in mustard curtail cancer cell growth & is often treated for cancer medication.

  • Protective shield from Diabetes

They can treat oxidative stress associated with chronic diseases.  Studies have proved that mustard seeds can maintain blood sugar and are highly beneficial for people with diabetes. 

  • Ability to lower Cholesterol

Mustard seeds can bind off bile acids which is a supplement composed of cholesterol in our digestive tract. These bindings may reduce cholesterol levels on the go. 

  • A healthier option for cardiovascular problems 

They can treat serious heart ailments and any kind of heart damage. 

  • Treats Blood Pressure

Iron, Copper, Magnesium, and Selenium are some of the nutrients in mustard seeds that treat blood pressure and menopause relief. 

  • Reduce Asthma Attack

Researchers proved that these seeds stimulate proper blood circulation in our body. Mixing mustard oil with a small amount of camphor relieves easy breathing against asthmatic attack.

Add mustard seeds to your daily diet. Give a delicate flavor in seasoning salad dishes, mayonnaise, etc. It is also used as cooking oil for deep frying and to stir fry vegetables. The powdered form remains for 6 months whereas the whole form lasts up to 1 year in a cool, shady place. 

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