About Spicebasket

Food Revolution

The logic for success in food production. The world is rapidly changing, and so is the pattern of global food consumption. With the global population set to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the food industry’s role has never been more important. Holistic nutrition and eating healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and well-being. Hallmarks of holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic, nature and locally grown whole foods. “SPICEBASKET” is our unique concept for delivering fresh and natural food products beyond your doorsteps in time. We are implementing a plastic-free environment, not just for production but for delivery and for your household storage purpose. We will serve 100% non-adulterated food materials for ensuring the real freshness and for your health. The first time you will be able to feel the aroma of the food items, not just for the first time but till the last pinch you consume, eco-friendly, borosilicate glass containers with bamboo lids will be preserving the minute aroma for you. We are working on our peripherals including our website, please visit back or follow our social media handles for further updates.” WE ONLY GROUND ON DEMAND. Spices are ground fresh within 24 hours after the orders come in despite this labour-intensive approach. This enables us to keep freshness, aroma and the quality of spices.

Our Mission

We produce, process, and supply the most excellent quality, natural food products like Spices, vegetables, Eggs and Dairy. There are no Chemical Fertilisers, Preservatives or Pesticides used in any of the stages. Our products are produced and processed in a completely chemical-free environment. We are associated with the best vegetable and dairy farms across Kerala. We ensure and handpick only the highest quality products from them and then process it without the addition of any preservatives, artificial colours, or adulterants.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce natural food and food products and make it available to as many people as possible in Kerala. The products are handpicked to ensure the highest quality. We will be a one-stop solution for all natural foods and food products. We will never use artificial flavours or colours, preservatives, adulterants, or plastic. In five years, we envisage a SPICE BASKET farm that offers memberships to buyers and allows them to visit for a few days, take part in the production process. and experience the all-natural lifestyle first-hand.

The Story Behind It All

SpiceBasket started as a small community factory outlet in a small town of Kollam with only few employees. The quality and timeliness of our work and products caused the company to grow, landing some big-name clients in the food industry. This growth caused us to expand quickly to the facility we have now —production floor space complete with a drafting and design office and nearly 50 employees. With an expansion plan of 2 factory and 5 outlets in next 10 years is already in route. We currently are under the Jaffar’s Natural Foods group. Our dedication to quality and drive for maintaining the authenticity of our products has helped us build good relationship with some of the largest companies in the food distribution industry. A wallpaper sketch done by the Founder of SpiceBasket is a reality today.

Inovating Food Processing

Why we different? We always get asked and the only answer SpiceBasket team would say is “Have your tired our products?”. The food says it all. We have a wide range of products with hygienic and effective production line. Our equipment meets the challenge of complex and demanding ingredients and processes. WE ONLY GROUND ON DEMAND- Spices are ground fresh within 24 hours after the orders come in despite this labour-intensive approach Traditional processing is usually referred to as primary or secondary: Milling and grinding the grain are considered primary processing processes, for example, while baking the grain into bread is secondary processing. We take the latest technology and use traditional methodology while processing to retain the nutrient of the spices. The purpose of traditional food processing is preservation to maintain a supply of wholesome, nutritious food. We understand FOOD. We understand the nutrients and health benefits thus applying a more holistic approach to our production. Like we are aware that the water-soluble vitamins are the most vulnerable to processing and cooking. Careful cooking and storage will help retain the nutrients in your food.

  1. We say ‘No’ to Plastic There is no plastic used in either production or packaging. Our products are delivered in Borosilicate glass bottles with Bamboo Lids and silicon rubber for air-tightening. These bottles can be refilled based on your requirement and convenience.
  2. We only Grind on Demand Spices are ground fresh, only as orders come in, and here is no minimum order despite tis labour- intensive approach. They will also er delivered within 24 hours, to ensure you receive the freshest possible seasoning for your food.
  3. We Learn from those Before Us It’s a coincidence that our ancestors have stronger immune systems, better health and longer lives. By switching to the kind of natural diets they followed, we believe our generation and those after us will live much healthier that we do right now. We are focused on bringing back ancient food traditions.
  4. We Bridge the Gap between Knowledge & Lifestyle Change There’s a growing awareness that natural, unadulterated food can protect us from diseases as common a cold to those as deadly as cancer. However, there is a lack of high-quality options in the market and most people dot make the switch simply because there isn’t a convenient enough option. We will bridge this gap between the knowledge they have and the choices they need, enabling them to make a lifestyle change.
Why choose us
Natural food is taken from the world's most modern farms with strict safety cycles
01 From Nature to You
Indulge in knowing that each exotic flavor is created with a pure and organic mindset.
02 Eat Clean and Fresh Our spices are guaranteed fresh and contained in the most planet friendly option available.
03 Eat the Best We utilise state-of-the-art food processing technology to ensure our products meets the highest standards of food safety.
04 Serving with Passion While others try to cut corners, we vow to work harder to make food that you can trust.
05 Homegrown Goodness Through our selection of products, we aim to spread the goodness of homemade natural products.
06 Respect Nature We use pure ingredients that are ethically sourced embracing sustainable, eco-friendly practices.
Dr. Sajin Jaffar
FOOD IS MEDICINE - Food is medicine when consumed in the right combinations & proportions. It will result in maintaining good health. This is the core belief that drives all our efforts. Come join me and my team in this revolution- let us explore green living and natural lifestyles together

Dr. Sajin Jaffar


Dr. Deepu A
SPICE, THAT’S NATURALLY NICE - It takes months of extreme care and nurture by mother nature to produce ‘Spice’. It is one of her most valuable gifts. All we do is, to deliver it to your doorstep, the unadulterated natural aroma for you to enjoy. Uncontaminated by synthetic colours or artificial flavours, it is not just super tasty but absolutely safe for the whole family. Now, isn’t that reassuring?

Dr. Deepu A


Mrs. Riya Margaret Z
CONSCIOUS EATING MUST BE A WAY OF LIFE - Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing; it is as important to live a healthy lifestyle as it is to consciously understand the food that you consume. Making better decisions about what (and how) to eat determines your Health, your Well-Being, and the Quality of your Life. Food is Nutrition and the restorative power of nutrition to not only heal the body but also nurture life in all its dimensions—body, mind, movement, environment, and relationships.

Mrs. Riya Margaret Z